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German-engineered distilling technology is the heart of the Cedar Ridge distillery process. Proprietors Jeff and Laurie Quint of Swisher started distilling premium Clearheart Vodka in 2005, then added fruit liqueurs and an even wider range of spirits to their line of products. All Cedar Ridge spirits are distilled out of four, European-engineered pot stills, producing increasingly smooth, premium spirits. The fine craftsmanship of this still allows us to create superior quality liqueurs, ensuring that only the purest product makes it to the bottle.


As Iowa’s first micro-distillery, we’re used to being on the leading edge. On July 1st, 2010 we launched Iowa’s first bourbon since the Prohibition era. Made from nearly 75% corn, Cedar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey is crafted in small batches for a high-quality, smooth, premium bourbon that is receiving rave reviews at tasting events across the country and selling off the shelves. Awards include “Best of Category” for Clearheart Vodka, a “Gold Medal” for our Dark Rum from the Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition, and a 92-point “Exceptional” rating for our bourbon from the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago.

corn and cedar ridge stamp


1 L

80 proof

Cedar Ridge Bagger Vodka

Add more trails to the mix. $1 per bottle goes to Iowa trails. 5X distilled from corn. Gluten-free.

Barrel-Aged Rum

750 ml

86 proof


True dark rum is barrel-aged, not spiced. At Cedar Ridge we honor tradition by mellowing our twice distilled spirits in charred oak whiskey barrels. When it comes to dark rum, age is beauty. Enjoy!


750 ml

80 proof


Cedar Ridge Fruit Brandy is crafted in small batches with a diverse blend of fruits. After the second distillation, it’s aged for at least five years. Notes of ripe Wisconsin apples and Iowa grape varietals add to its long, velvety finish. Enjoy a glass any time of the year to celebrate the signature tastes of fall.



74% corn
14% malted rye
12% 2-row malted barley

750 ml

80 proof

Short's Whiskey

Made for Short’s Burger and Shine, each barrel is finished with a stave of charred bur oak harvested on the banks of the Cedar River at Kroul Farms.


750 ml

90 proof

Cedar Ridge Clearheart Gin

Clearheart™ Premium Dry Single Batch Gin is crafted in the traditional “Genever” style – we lay juniper berries, coriander and orris root, along with fresh orange zest and cucumber, in the column, allowing only the alcoholic vapors to come in contact with our botanicals. This time-consuming process results in a super-premium product with an identifiable crisp cucumber nose, followed by a smooth orange finish.


Perfectly crafted from America’s heartland