Cedar Ridge


House vodka marinara sauce with sliced fresh mozzarella and torn field basil

House vodka marinara sauce and pepperoni, with shredded mozzarella, muenster, aged cheddar, and grated parmesan

Shredded chicken, chopped cherrywood smoked bacon, buffalo mozzarella, sliced red onion, creamy herb dressing and artisan greens

White bbq sauce with smoked pulled pork, smoked ham, chopped cherrywood-smoked bacon, and fresh mozzarella, dusted with our own dry rub

Smoked gouda cream sauce with roasted garlic ribeye caramelized onion, and buffalo mozzarella, finished with a tangy balsamic reduction

House steakhouse sauce, buffalo mozzarella, braised prime rib, pickled red onion, aged sharp cheddar, heirloom cherry tomatoes, green onion

Add $2 for gluten-free pizza crust
Wednesday: buy one, get one 1/2 off wood-fired pizza


Your choice of a meat or cheese board with 3 selections of local meats or cheeses, served with baguette and house chutney ~ meat and cheese board available for $15

Spinach and caper spread made with estate-grown La Crescent wine, served with toasted-everything bagel, parmesan crisp, house red onion, and sliced capicola

Smoked with our own dry rub, served with house bourbon maple bbq sauce and creamy herb dressing

Sweet corn, cherrywood-smoked bacon with bbq garlic aioli, served with toasted baguette and pork rillette

Artisan greens with bourbon vinaigrette, heirloom cherry tomatoes, pickled red onion, charred sweet corn relish, and garlic pepper croutons

Ely’s own small batch ice cream – check with our specials menu to see which fantastic flavor we’ve currently got on hand

Add $2 to substitute gluten-free bread


A customer favorite that you need to try for yourself. Featuring our Iowa Straight Bourbon Whiskey, rich demerara syrup, and house bitters.

The perfect cocktail to showcase our elegantly aged rye whiskey. Served up or on the rocks with Straight Rye Whiskey, sweet vermouth, and angostura bitters.

This classic cocktail is balanced to perfection. Utilizing our unique Wheat Whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, and aquafaba. Served up or on the rocks.

Our distillers’ favorite! This cocktail blends our QuintEssential Single Malt Whiskey and Earl Grey simple syrup.

Get lost in the vines with our take on this classic cocktail. Barrel-Aged Rum, fresh mint, lime juice, and simple syrup.

How do you drink this staple cocktail? We serve ours with our Bagger Vodka, dry vermouth, and olive juice. We’ll make it your way too, just ask!

This cocktail showcases Slipknot No. 9 in a different light with fresh blueberries, cinnamon, and lemon juice.

This is a classic gin fizz with a twist. Featuring Clearheart Gin, orange zest simple syrup, fresh rosemary, lemon juice, and aquafaba.

Iowa Straight Bourbon Whiskey, pineapple juice, lime juice, chai simple syrup, orange bitters, and mint.



WHISKEYGlass | Bottle

For the best in bourbon, go straight to the heart of corn country – crafted of nearly 75% corn and distilled to a higher proof, resulting in a more clean, approachable sipping whiskey. 80 proof.

This expression boasts a unique color and flavor of dried cherries, and aromas of stone fruits dominate, while the familiar vanilla and spice take a supporting role in the overall flavor profile. 94 proof.

Handcrafted from pure malted barley, aged in American Oak and uniquely cask finished. Then meticulously married and matured using techniques honed over ten generations. With upfront deep stone fruit balanced by a subtle peat finish, this single malt sets the American Standard with a taste that’s perfectly RICH and COMPLEX. 92 proof

Spicy like rye, but sophisticated like its Scottish cousin, the malted rye grain adds a complex flavor profile of toast and biscuit to this unique whiskey. 86 proof.

The softest of our whiskeys, this malted winter wheat whiskey is a delicate yet flavorful spirit, perfect for cocktails. 80 proof.

Made for Short’s Burger and Shine, each barrel is finished with a stave of charred bur oak harvested on the banks of the Cedar River at Kroul Farms. 80 proof.

Slipknot and Cedar Ridge Distillery – two groups of people born and raised in Iowa. Made with corn, rye and barley this has a sweet, spicy and bold flavor of cinnamon, clove, butter and oak. 90 proof.

Awarded Best American Celebrity Whiskey! Slipknot and Cedar Ridge Distillery – two groups of people born and raised in Iowa. Sweet, bold, and gets extra spice from our rye. Cornbread-like with notes of fried applie pie, apricot and macaroon. 99 proof.

BRANDYGlass | Bottle

Similar to a fine cognac, our traditional Grape Brandy is made with a variety of estate grown grapes, aged 6 years in American Oak, then finished in French Limousine Oak casks. 80 proof.

Fermented and distilled from fresh apple juice, then aged 4 years in American Oak casks and finished in French Limousine Oak casks to create a spicy, warming brandy that is perfect for beating the cold Midwest winters. 80 proof.

This very unique brandy is twice-distilled and aged in charred American Oak casks. A full body with a distinct vanilla and fresh pear experience. 80 proof.


Add more trails to the mix. $5 per bottle goes to Iowa trails. 5X distilled from corn. Gluten-free. 80 proof.

Our triple distilled fruit & grain vodka begins with a light apple wine, capturing a hint of fruit in the final product. 80 proof.


Clearheart™ Premium Dry Single Batch Gin features a hint of fresh cucumber, giving it a crisp, fresh nose, followed by a smooth orange finish. 90 proof.


True Dark Rum is barrel aged, not spiced. Molasses is fermented and distilled, then aged for 5 long years in charred oak whiskey barrels – when it comes to Dark Rum, age is beauty! 80 proof.


WHITEGlass | Bottle

Off-dry, sparkling blend, exhibiting bright aromas of lemon with a charming palate of pear and green apple

Off-dry, estate grown, exhibiting an intense nose of white grapefruit, honeysuckle & hints of fresh wheatgrass, with clean citrus finish

Off-dry, chardonnay blend, exhibiting notes of pears, peaches & red apples followed by a cleansing acidity

Off-dry, riesling blend, exhibiting fruity aromas, refreshing acidity & a crisp lime finish

Sweet, exhibiting luscious tropical fruit flavors of papaya & mango with a clean balanced finish

REDGlass | Bottle

Semi-sweet, merlot blend with concentrated notes of black currant & raspberry

Light-bodied, merlot blend with flavors of plum, raspberry & spice

Medium-bodied, featuring bright flavors of bing cherry & blackberry; robust, yet smooth

Medium-bodied, Petite Pearl exhibiting a smooth mouthfeel with rich notes of both blackberries & blueberries

Medium-bodied blend with bright notes of black cherry, plum & violet

Heavy-bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Petite Pearl aged in new American oak barrels

Heavy-bodied blend first aged in traditional oak cooperage, then finished in single-use bourbon barrels, creating deep notes of black currant, vanilla & caramel.

ROSÉGlass | Bottle

Off-dry, French-style rosé exhibits soft aromatics of strawberries & violets, finishing clean with subtle hints of cranberry


Sweet, apple & concord blend

Sweet & tart blend of apple & cranberry

Named in honor of Proprietor, Jeff Quint’s father, Howdy. A sweet & spicy blend of 3 simple ingredients: fresh apple juice, cinnamon, and sugar. 39 proof.


Sweet, fortified red (19.5%), a complex, delectable after dinner drink with caramel flavors & rich currant